Mount Pisgah College


Mount Pisgah College is a co-education and residential Institution, established in the year 2006. The College is an institution of higher learning sponsored by Poumai Naga Baptist Association, Manipur. It aims at imparting higher education based on Christian vision, giving opportunity to the poorest of the poor who can't effort going outside the state.

The College is set on the hilltop of south-west of Tusii Ngainii Khumai Senapati Village. It is a kilometer away from Senapati District Headquarter. The location affords solitude and congenial atmosphere conducive to the pursuit of higher education.

The college started functioning on July 8, 2008 with 10+2 course in arts under council of higher secondary education Manipur and affiliated to Manipur university for B.A arts with honours in English, History, Political science, Sociology, Economics and Education.

As it is a Christian institution, besides academic excellence, it looks forward to produce socially committed, morally upright and psychologically sound person to fit themselves well in the fast changing world.

Our motto is : “Change Thy Self, Change the World”.

Aims And Objectives :

1.    To enhance the spirituality of our students and lead them to vigorous academic excellence.

2.    To set up a highly intellectual learning centre based on religion and culture.

3.   To ensure the wholesome development of personality along with academic achievement by organizing events to develop character, leadership qualities and communication skills of our students.

4.    To provide all the required facilities and freedom to the faculty to develop them professionally and to provide faculty developmental programs to develop their skills and talents and thus become better and proficient instructors.